The Melbourne Mile Guided Walk

Thought you knew the streets of Melbourne? Thought the seedy underbelly of crime in this city was just a TV show?

The Melbourne Golden Mile Heritage Walk is an engrossing walk and talk about 1850s Melbourne. A professional guide leads the crowd on a trail marked by those square, brass plates that are scattered throughout the city, but this Law Week tour takes you deeper.

Great for families, visitors or those with a taste for the buried tales that helped shape Melbourne’s past. Discover why strong law and order was an important ingredient in the heady gold rush days of the 1850s, learn about the effects of immigration and the times of boom and bust.

Surprising characters, prima donnas, prime ministers, bushrangers, architects and the true tale of the madam and the mace… this is your city as you never knew it.

Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, about 1900

On every day during Law Week, from 10am – noon. For more fascinating Law Week events, head to our online Law Week calendar.


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