Law: what do YOU think it’s good for?

We think it’s good for a lot of things, like protecting our rights, upholding our values or  helping us settle dispute with our neighbours. But Law Week isn’t about us. It’s about you – your community, your rights and responsibilities, your values.

This Law Week, head to one our Law Week events from 14 to 20 May and see if it gets you thinking a little differently about the role of the law and the legal system in your life. You never know. You could discover what life is like for a judge in the Supreme Court, or what happens when two teenage girls dare to take on two of the biggest institutions in the land – the law and football – and demand the freeedom to enjoy doing what they love alongside everybody else on the field.

You could ask yourself why it’s not okay to kill, unless the victim is an animal. Or you could find yourself being reminded, along with a sell-out crowd at the Law Insitute of Victoria’s recent law themed comedy night, that there’s a funny side to the legal system and it doesn’t always involve the number of lawyers it takes to change a light globe (two, by the way: one to change the lightglobe and the other to raise a series of objections).

So next time you see one of our fantastic new Law Week posters in your local cafe, ask yourself not what you know, but what you don’t yet know. What is it good for? Time to find out.


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