What a way to start one of the most action-packed days on the Law Week calendar!

PILCH Walk for Justice begins on the steps of Parliament

PILCH Walk for Justice begins on the steps of Parliament

This morning’s PILCH Walk for Justice, which snaked its way around the city in recognition of National Pro Bono Day, was once again a huge success with some of this country’s finest legal minds given an early kick-start when the walkers took off from Parliament House. As usual the spirit of the morning was high as the teams raised money for the  Public Interest Law Clearing House.

And now that the physical challenge is out of the way, it’s time to dive right into thinking critically about the legal system in what promises to be a controversial and thought-provoking session. One of our most exciting free events, Law. What is it Good For?, asks how we can reduce the impact of crime on our community. Is ‘community justice’ the answer?

The ABC’s Jon Faine leads a lively debate on crime, courts and the community. The panel includes Kathy Laster – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at Monash University and one time Executive Director of Victoria Law Foundation, Farah Farouque – Law and Justice Editor at The Age, Magistrate David Fanning, and Kerry Walker, the Director of the Neighbourhood Justice Centre. A genuine community forum with a panel not to be missed. More here.

Lots more on the Law Week calendar today and tonight, including a booked out event featuring none other than Justice Michael Kirby at Victoria University Law School. There is also plenty of activity in outer Melbourne and regional Victoria, including court tours in Ringwood, Shepparton, Sunshine and Geelong, so get along and support your local legal organisations. See today’s full program here.


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