Law Week – The halfway point

Well, we’re almost halfway through Law Week and frankly? Our brains hurt.

The tours, the seminars, the Q & A sessions, the walks, the talks and the mind-melting discussions about everything from animal rights to community justice – it’s all so stimulating we need a peppermint tea to wind down before bed.

It must be said that when speakers like Justice Michael Kirby, broadcaster Jon Faine, barrister Debbie Mortimer and Professor Kate Auty are included on your roll call, you’re in for a pretty stimulating time. Presenting informed and provocative ideas doesn’t need to be boring, and tonight’s Monash Law School’s 2012 Great Law Week Debate has certainly made a tradition of smashing that idea out of commission.

Tonight’s topic? Political bias in the media should be banned. The event is, as usual, free of charge. More here.

Also tonight, join Debbie Mortimer, Chair of the Human Rights Committee and member of the Victorian Bar and Columbian lawyer Jomary Ortegon (via Skype from Colombia) for a discussion of the threats faced by human rights lawyers in Colombia and around the world, and what assistance the Australian legal community can offer. In Colombia alone, as many as 25 lawyers are killed each year. This is serious stuff.

Again, it’s free to attend. More here.

Also on today, events on privacy, disability discrimination law, restorative justice, consumer law, boomerang kids and an event on consumer law for business owners. Plus court tours. The rest of our program is here.


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