Law. What is it good for? Find out before it’s too late.

Everybody loves a mock trial, and tonight’s Law Institute of Victoria Law Week mock trial has – as usual – sold out well before kick-off this evening at 5.30pm in the Banco Court.

There are many more events in the next couple of days to get you thinking, though – not just in central Melbourne but across Victoria. There are tours, exhibitions  and even conversations about sex.

In fact, in the next few days, Law Week pulls some of its biggest punches. Tomorrow night, Christine Nixon speaks about her autobiography Fair Cop with Sandra Nicholson, her former Assistant Commissioner at the Sisters in Crime Australia event at the Rising Sun Hotel.

This weekend,  the Supreme Court of Victoria and Magistrates’ Court of Victoria courts open their doors at Courts Open Day  – a fascinating insight into the way law works for all the family to enjoy.

The hugely popular Supreme Court Dungeon Tours are always a highlight but there are all kinds of opportunities to immerse yourself in the everyday workings of our system of law courts. The dungeons tours are booked out. But it’s Law Week giveaway time! Head to the Law Week facebook page for a chance to win the the LAST tickets. Enter by noon tomorrow. Go on, it’s your last chance to see the dungeons in person this year.

Only a few days to go. The feedback has been brilliant, the sessions mind-melting, and it’s not over yet. Law. What is it good for? Find out before it’s too late.


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