We don’t want to worry you, but we’re everywhere

What with all the big-name events happening around Melbourne this Law Week, you’d be forgiven for thinking Law Week was a Melbourne thing, like wearing black or asking for a skinny decaf soy chai latte in a tulip cup with a quinoa salad.

Well, we don’t mean to be rude, but if you thought that, you couldn’t be more wrong. Today, Friday, the final working day of Law Week 2012, consists of so many exhibitions and info sessions in so many different parts of Victoria, we get dizzy just thinking about them.

There’s the court tour in Ringwood, the always helpful Consumer Affairs Victoria information booths in Ballarat and Horsham, another court tour in Wodonga, free legal information in Corio Library and one more court tour in Warrnambool. The Warrnamboolians are a bit spoiled frankly because there’s also an info session on VCAT in the Archie Graham Community Centre in the afternoon. In Morwell, there’s a tour of the La Trobe Valley Law Courts which specifically details the specialist services the Morwell courts offer.

Magistrates and legal professionals in suburban and regional Victoria work hard to provide services in geographical areas where clients might not have ready access to courts or legal services, and Law Week gives them a chance to speak directly to members of the public in a context other than the moment of crisis that so often leads people to seek legal advice. If you’re in suburban or regional Victoria today (or tomorrow in Warrnambool – those guys get all the perks) go along and ask those questions you’ve always wondered about. You’ll be surprised how useful an informal chat can be, even if when don’t have a problem.

Melbourne has its fair share of events today too. Exhibitions. Walks. Presentations. Even a literary event. Today and over the weekend we’re going out with a bang (tomorrow is Courts Open Day. Hold onto your hats).

Check the program here.


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