Phew! What a week

As the courtroom lights are flicked off, the dungeons doors are bolted shut, and the Ned Kelly artefacts are carefully stored away, it’s time to say goodbye to Law Week for another year.

Over the past seven days, record numbers of Victorians have stepped inside the realm of the Victorian legal system, through a rich and fascinating calendar of events that took place right across the state.

Melburnians experienced first-hand the harrowing conditions faced by prisoners last century in the Supreme Court dungeons, teens in Bendigo learnt all about the legal ramifications of ‘sexting’, and the ‘Justice Bus’ rolled into Ballarat Mall, offering locals free legal information.

Seniors got wise on how to protect their rights and assets when adult children want to move home, while many artists and craftspeople now understand how to protect their intellectual property by copyrighting their craft.

On a slightly more sinister note, mystery still surrounds the shock disappearance of the of official Law Week sash, last seen adorning the Sir Redmond Barry statue outside the State Library. Was it foul play? The jury is still out.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our events to learn more about how the law works. We’d love to hear your feedback. Help us improve future Law Weeks by completing our two minute survey. Click here to take the survey. Or reach us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

And a huge thank you also goes out to all of our event organisers, who’ve worked tirelessly to plan and execute some pretty amazing sessions. Through their hard work, thousands of Victorians now have a fresh insight and a better understanding of the law and the legal system, which is exactly the point of Law Week.

See you next year!


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