The power of video in community legal education

Peter Davies, Publications Manager at Victoria Law Foundation, on the power of video in community legal education.

“One of the most interesting parts of working at the Foundation is getting to see the inventive ways other organisations are tackling community legal education. We see a lot of clever ideas – from virtual tours to iPod/iPad apps to innovative web content.

We’re also seeing a lot of video projects – and they’re proving a dynamic way to educate the community about legal topics. Two recent video projects, funded by grants from Victoria Law Foundation, show how community organisations can make use of video to communicate complex legal ideas.

Youthlaw enlisted the expertise of Camera Electrica to produce three educational videos about the organisation’s services. The aim of the videos was to raise awareness about the legal problems affecting young people and to show how Youthlaw can help. Careful scripting and evocative production mean these videos speak directly to Youthlaw’s audience. Equally impressive, they achieve a lot on a small budget, with all three videos delivered for under $5,000.

This is the Youthlaw video on crime.

You can also watch their videos on tenancy discrimination and fines.

Eastern Community Legal Centre partnered with Hand in Hand Productions to create Steps 2 Safety, an educational video for the community about family violence intervention orders. This video is designed to help those representing themselves at court. The video’s tone is clear and authoritative – it explains each stage of the process using realistic visuals and plain language scripting.”

Youthlaw and Eastern Community Legal Centre share what they’ve learned about producing videos for community legal education
The teams responsible for these video projects will be discussing their experiences at our next Legal Sector Publishing Forum on Wednesday 13 June 2012. Held four times a year, these forums address key issues in producing legal information for the community. This session will look at developing the video concept, planning and scheduling, scriptwriting and working with a production team.

Register for the forum. Or contact us if you’ve got an idea for a future forum.


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