New podcast alert: Kirby reveals inner workings of High Court

Looking for something new to listen to on your way to work or on your morning jog? RMIT have uploaded the Hon. Michael Kirby’s Law Week lecture about the inner workings of the High Court of Australia.

Take a listen if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a Justice or an associate of the High Court. Or if you’ve wondered what the discussions are like between Justices prior to a decision. Or how the Justices prepare for the hearings. Or how the Justices deal with the stress of deciding whether to grant special leave applications (hint: it’s about more than ‘the vibe’).

A former Justice of the High Court (1996-2009) and known by some as the ‘great dissenter’, Mr Kirby is a popular speaker who consistently books out venues across the country. And as anyone who has heard him speak would attest, he is a powerful and passionate speaker. Visit his website to check out the five (five!) decades worth of speeches he’s made.

Click here to download or listen to Mr Kirby’s speech on itunes. And while you’re there it’s worth checking out the wide-range of RMIT podcasts. Hear interesting people talking about interesting topics like design, religion, advertising, kindness, nuclear disarmament, science photography and more.


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