How much do you know about the law and your pets?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ve probably noticed our support of plain language legal information. And it makes sense; if you understand your legal responsibilities you’re much less likely to find yourself in hot water. If you’re not a regular reader, then welcome. We hope you’ll stick around.

Dogs, cats, neighbours and you

If only all pets were this cute

This week we’re talking pets. Did you know that sixty-three per cent of households in Australia own a pet and we have the second-highest rate of pet ownership in the world?

You may have heard about the debate around the regulation of dangerous dog breeds in the news recently. The discussions in the news highlight how not being aware of your legal responsibilites can land you in trouble. Or worse, have tragic consequences for your family, friends or your pet.

Following this tragic incident in 2011 new laws about dangerous dog breeds were introduced in Victoria. Similiar laws were introduced in Western Australia on Wednesday.

On Monday, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) released their report Dangerous dogs – a sensible solution, supported by the RSCPA. The AVA says that laws alone are not effective in preventing dog bites. Regulation needs to be supported by accessible information and education.

This is where we come in. You should be able to find our free booklet Dogs, cats, neighbours, the law and you at your local council office. If not, it’s also free to download from our website.

Fully updated, this new edition is full of practical and easy-to-understand information about pet ownership in Victoria. Regardless of where you stand on the regulation of dangerous dog breeds make sure you know where you stand about your pets and the law.


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