Law help guide reaches over 100,000 Victorians

There’s someone standing in the foyer of a council building in Sale looking for help with a problem she has with her boss. There’s a student in Melbourne trying to get a sense of how the legal system works. In Horsham, a police officer helps a member of the public who doesn’t know where to turn. The 2013 Law help guide is out in the world and all kinds of Victorians have been picking it up, right across Victoria.

As of this week, over 100,000 copies of the Law help guide have been distributed across the Victoria. It’s a huge number – of which we are truly proud – but even after all the research and planning that goes into putting a publication like the guide together, it’s only when you have direct feedback from real life people that you get any real sense of the impact it has on communities.

The Law help guide is a small, easy-to-use pamphlet about where to start if you think you might need legal help. The law can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so the Law help guide talks you through your options and gives you an idea of which organisations might be able to assist you.

As the orders for the 2013 edition come through, we have been speaking to a range of people who use the Law help guide for various different reasons. Councils are ordering copies for people who come in to complain about services, libraries are keen to stock them for those who don’t know where to start their research on a problem of their own, and community organisations are finding that members of the public are coming to them with legal questions they’re not equipped to answer. Even law schools are realising it’s a great idea to give students a sense of what services are available to the public beyond just a private lawyer in a law firm.

The law can seem confusing and even a little scary if you don’t know where to start. It’s great to know that over 100,000 copies of the Law help guide are not only available for all Victorians, but that that it is making a difference to the lives of those who need it the most.

You can download or order the Law help guide here, or contact our publications team to find out more.


One thought on “Law help guide reaches over 100,000 Victorians

  1. This sounds like a great initiative. If you need help with writing or editing services, let us know! We pride ourselves on producing clear texts, written in plain English….just what you’re trying to achieve here!

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