You Decide Who Decides – helping you choose a power of attorney

On Friday November 30, our Grants and Awards Manager Erin Dolan attended the launch of You Decide Who Decides. This project by the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) was funded by a grant through our Grants Program. We spoke to the OPA about what makes this project so unique.

This Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) has an exciting new online tool to help people make decisions about making powers of attorney. ‘You Decide Who Decides’ is an interactive online tool that takes you step by step through the different types of powers of attorney and the things you might need to consider when choosing one. It takes you through the stories of different characters as they choose who should be their power of attorney.

121128 OPA image

We funded this innovative project as it will increase the availability and access of legal information to Victorians and we believe this is a different way to provide information about a common legal topic.

You Decide Who Decides is already live and ready to use on the OPA’s website. Manger of Policy and Education John Chesterman says this project is a great community education tool.

‘You Decide Who Decides not only looks at why people may need a power of attorney, but more importantly helps them answer the question: who should I appoint?’.

John says that while the elderly are most likely to use the tool they hope lawyers will make use of it too. ‘Powers of attorney is something all adults should consider, not just those who are older.’

OPA provides information about powers of attorney, to help people make a decision about appointing someone to make decisions and manage their affairs in the event that they are unable to do so for themselves.

This new resource adds to the OPA’s existing range of tools around powers of attorney including fact sheets and online information. Take a look at You Decide Who Decides or get more information about the OPA.

Find out about our Grants Program and how to apply for a grant through the Victoria Law Foundation.


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