Christmas legal help

Christmas is a busy time for everyone and with so many different things to consider, it’s easy to forget the legal problems you might encounter. You can still access the Victoria Law website for plain language legal information throughout the silly season.


We’ve all been in that situation after the presents have been handed around on Christmas day and something’s not quite right. You might have a gift that needs to be exchanged or returned for any number of reasons. It’s important that you know what your rights are if something you bought or received is not quite right.

On the Victoria Law website you can find information from a range of sources about your rights as a consumer. You can find information from Consumer Affairs Victoria about what your shopping rights are, what to do if you need a refund and how to protect yourself. There is an easy English fact sheet on refunds that explains what your rights are if you change your mind or there is a problem with a product. They also have information on warranties in the shopping tips fact sheet including what to do if a warranty expires and how to organise a repair or replacement.

You can also browse information from the Consumer Action Law Centre on the site. Their self help kit on consumer guarantees can help you deal with defective goods or services. It even includes a template letter that you can use if you want to get a refund or replacement.

We hope you have a relaxing and stress free festive season, but remember Victoria Law is there if you need it. More legal tips and updates to come in the New Year!


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