A punishing start to Law Week – Day One gets under way!

It’s day one of Law Week and we’re getting straight into the tough questions! 

How do you fit the punishment to the crime? Should judges consider feelings of victims and their families? Do harsh prison sentences really work? Should we let jury members have a say in sentencing, or should this be a job for a judge? Questions about how we sentence criminals are headline news in Victoria at the moment – and we’re betting you have a strong view one way or another!

Geoff Wilkinson

Veteran crime journalist Geoff Wilkinson goes head-to-head with Professor Arie Freiberg tonight!

Tonight is your chance to ask the tough questions about sentencing. Veteran crime journalist Geoff Wilkinson will go head-to-head with academic and Sentencing Advisory Council Chair Professor Arie Freiberg at the Monash Law Chambers from 5.30-7.30 tonight. Audience members can take part in the Q and A, so kick-start your Law Week with some heated and entertaining discussion about this important issue. (Bookings essential).

Also today, Melburnians love the State Library for its great study spaces, beautiful architecture and the excellent coffee and people-watching at the library cafe, Mr Tulk. But did you know the State Library also has an amazing collection of law resources that you can access for free? Today, Wednesday and Friday you can take a tour and delve into the archives and explore their fascinating collection of historical documents – and also get a handle on how to explore the State Library’s up-to-date electronic law resources.

State Library of Victoria

Explore the State Library of Victoria’s amazing collection of law resources during Law Week!

Stay tuned for news of the exciting events throughout the week. Or visit the Law Week program of events. You can also follow Law Week on Facebook and join the Law Week conversation on Twitter.


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