Hitting the streets for day two of Law Week

The Honourable Justice Maxwell rallies walkers

The Honourable Justice Maxwell rallies walkers at the 6th annual PILCH Walk for Justice.

Sure, it was cold.  Sure, it was early. But we could not think of a better way to kick off day two of Law Week, and we weren’t alone. Hundreds braved the cold this morning and gathered at the Old Treasury Building for the sixth annual PILCH Walk for Justice. The crowd weaved its way through the city all the way to the County Court where they were welcomed with breakfast and a well deserved hot drink. More than a test of fitness and endurance, the walk raised money to help disadvantaged Victorians access free legal services.  

Couldn’t face the cold this morning? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to ways to get your Law Week on today.

Talk love, marriage and separation in the 21st century in Brighton, get the facts on employment and property law in Echuca, and join other seniors in Bendigo for morning tea and a frank discussion about how to protect your assets and family relationships.

Tonight the arts and the law collide in two events sure to get the creative juices flowing. The Albury Library Museum will host an event on the popularity of crime fiction and Craft Victoria will present a discussion on copyright issues for artists and makers.

RMIT’s Centre for Innovative Justice is taking a look at justice across the years for their first ever Law Week event. It all starts with an historic tour of justice of old through the Old Magistrates’ Court and parts of the Old Melbourne Gaol (including the dock where Ned Kelly once stood), followed by a panel discussion led by Rob Hulls on current justice issues and what justice could look like in the future.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Tour the Old Magistrates’ Court and Old Melbourne Gaol.

Today is also the first of many court and tribunal open hearings throughout Law Week. The Fair Work Commission’s unfair dismissal mock hearing is your chance to hear from the Commission’s President and leading industrial relations practitioners and see how a hearing really works.

To find more mock trials and hearings visit the Law Week program of events. If you’ve been to an event, let us know! Leave your comments here, on Facebook and share them on Twitter.


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