Day five and a twist of the tongue leads the tail end of Law Week

Ever been on hold and found yourself getting increasingly frustrated by the recorded message that never seems to understand that you just have a billing inquiry? Yes, of course you have. These days it’s virtually impossible to avoid talking to a recorded message.

Clearly, there’s room for improvement in voice identification software. This is where forensic linguists come in. Unlike fingers or feet, there’s no such thing as a voice print. At ‘slips of the tongue (and pen)‘ tonight, forensic linguist Dr Georgina Heywood will talk to Sandra Nicholson, Sisters in Crime convenor and former Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police about how forensic linguistics is transforming crime detection.

You can also listen back to Dr Heywood talk about her work providing expert evidence on authorship and speaker identification in real life criminal trials on Triple R FM.

Also today, join Jennifer Burn, Associate Professor in the Law Faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney and Director of the Anti-Slavery Project, for a lunchtime discussion about forced labour and human trafficking hosted by the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law. A serious and largely hidden issue in Australia.

Today’s Law Week highlights also include:

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