Noisy neighbours?

Which seems more like your neighbourhood?

Or this?

Fact is, either way, we can rarely choose our neighbours.

We all like to think we’re reasonable people but even the most harmonious neighbourhood can become a nightmare if neighbourly disputes get out of hand. There will be times when what your neighbour does on their property affects you and vice versa. So who do you turn to when this happens?

We’ve just launched a new guide to help prevent neighbourhood disagreements from turning into neighbourhood disputes and ending up in mediation, or even court. Neighbours, the law and you is a free, comprehensive guide for all Victorians on their rights and responsibilities as a neighbour. It covers some of the most common neighbourhood dispute issues including fences, trees, noise and pets.

Developed in consultation with our friends at the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria, Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre and the City of Booroondara, and written in easy to understand language, this little guide is now available from local councils, MP offices, neighbourhood houses and many more locations across Victoria.

Or simply visit our website to download a copy and share it widely with your neighbours or local community. You can also email us at to order hard copies to hand out to your friends.

Now there’s no excuse not to be prepared if Mr Bean moves into your street!


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